Friday, November 9, 2012

Twitter Poetry Comes of Age

Twitter election poetry in 140 characters or less? It's not just a fantasy anymore.
Elinor Lipman's Tweet Land of Liberty is a collection of the first 200 of what would become 500 election-related poems tweeted daily for the past year and a half. Witty, wise and sometimes acidic, the poems Lipman tweeted let us start each campaign day with a smile. Here's one of my favorites, and a prescient one at that:

Feb. 24
If Romney had his crystal ball out,
Mighta seen there'd be a fallout:
Use of "bankrupt"--sure to haunt him.
In 2012 Detroit won't want him

Tweet Land of Liberty is a wonderful 2012 election memento and a great holiday gift! I can't resist adding my own rhyme:

The challenge: Each day to rehearse
A quatrain for the Twitter-verse
Her campaign rhymes would come to be
A hit! Tweet Land of Liberty!

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