Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video: The Tedium is the Message

My presentation to the Institute of General Semantics on Twitter and Twitter Fiction, October 27, 2012

My slide presentation at the New York Public Library Authors Series: "The Tedium is the Message: Communicating and Creating with the New Social Media" September 4, 2012 is on Slideshare

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Web Interview on the Art of Twitter Storytelling

My interview with John Byk of 2012writersALIVE about Executive Severance and the art of Twitter storytelling:


Image for upcoming sequel to Executive Severance!

We go into a brief discussion of the discipline of Media Ecology. #twitterfiction

Friday, November 9, 2012

Twitter Poetry Comes of Age

Twitter election poetry in 140 characters or less? It's not just a fantasy anymore.
Elinor Lipman's Tweet Land of Liberty is a collection of the first 200 of what would become 500 election-related poems tweeted daily for the past year and a half. Witty, wise and sometimes acidic, the poems Lipman tweeted let us start each campaign day with a smile. Here's one of my favorites, and a prescient one at that:

Feb. 24
If Romney had his crystal ball out,
Mighta seen there'd be a fallout:
Use of "bankrupt"--sure to haunt him.
In 2012 Detroit won't want him

Tweet Land of Liberty is a wonderful 2012 election memento and a great holiday gift! I can't resist adding my own rhyme:

The challenge: Each day to rehearse
A quatrain for the Twitter-verse
Her campaign rhymes would come to be
A hit! Tweet Land of Liberty!