Thursday, February 23, 2012

Russ Feingold at the New School

At the New School last night, I attended a talk by Russ Feingold promoting his book, While America Sleeps. Feingold, who may be angling to be the next Secretary of State, spoke about the need for all Americans to learn more about and become more engaged with other nations. Feingold also talked about the need to overturn Citizens United and enact public campaign financing.

Being the Media Ecologist I am, I asked the following question: Given media consolidation in our country, why hasn't anyone noted how the major beneficiaries of campaign spending are the few entities that control the majority of our broadcast media? It isn't enought to enact public financing of campaigns while a few select corporations control the agenda of our national debate.

Feingold agreed, noting that he voted against the 1996 Telecommunications Act that enabled the concentration of media ownership in a few hands.

So, the takeaways: Learn about other nations, enact public campaign financing, break up the media conglomerates.

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