Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feelings of YouTube Inadequacy

Update Below

(May 30, 2008)
Over at Lance Strate's Blog Time Passing, Lance discusses the new heroes created by the internet and features a hilarious South Park clip lampooning YouTube celebrities. Many of these, like "Tron Guy" and "Sneezing Panda" have generated millions of views each.

A quick check of my own YouTube posting reveals a pitiful 801 viewings as of today, not even close to other YouTube celebrities or even the 1970's TV commercial I posted for L'Eggs pantyhose (7459). This is embarassing.

Let's try a bit of viral social networking. I'm asking you, my loyal blog readers, to send this link:

to five of your friends, asking them to view my video and also to send the link on to five more friends, etc., ect.

Lets see if we can get my YouTube numbers up to at least those of Tron Guy.

Update 6/11/08:

As a tribute to the power of social networking, I'm happy to announce that since I first posted this blog, my "Model Media Ecologist" Youtube views have risen from 801 to 892 views! At this rate I may pass 1000 views by this time next year! During the same period, my L'Eggs commercial rose from 7459 to 7645.

Thank you to everyone who viewed my video and for all the supportive comments. Don't forget to pass it along to five of your friends.

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