Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Parable For Our Times: Goldi-Dinosaur and The Three Bears

Once upon a time there were three Bears who lived in a beautiful little house on the edge of the wood. They were the Papa Bear, the Mama Bear and the Baby Bear.

One morning Mama Bear made hot cereal for breakfast. As the cereal was too hot to eat right away, the Bear family decided to take a walk in the woods until it cooled down.

No sooner had the Bears disappeared into the woods than Goldi-Dinosaur appeared on the lane. She had had also gone out for a walk that morning before breakfast, and the smell of hot cereal suddenly made her very hungry.

She meant to just take a small taste from one of the bowls, but she misjudged the size of the kitchen window. Smashing a huge hole in the wall, she swallowed all three bowls of hot cereal in one gulp, as well as the kitchen table and all the chairs.

Her hunger now satisfied, Goldi-Dinosaur blundered through the wall into the living room where a few ill-placed steps soon reduced the furniture to splinters.

Goldi-dinosaur felt sleepy and, spying the three Bears’ bedroom, she made her way carefully through the living room wall, and lay down across all three beds, bringing them crashing to the floor. There she fell asleep.

At this moment, the three Bears returned from their walk in the woods. Papa Bear regarded the large new opening leading into the kitchen and said, “Somebody’s been eating my cereal.”

Mama Bear looked at the empty space where the table and chairs had been and said, “Somebody’s been eating my cereal.”

Baby Bear looked at his mother and father and said, “What are you talking about? Can’t you see that somebody has knocked a huge hole in our house and made off with our kitchen table and chairs?”

The Bears passed through the hole in the kitchen wall to the living room where they surveyed the damage there.

“Somebody’s been sitting in my chair,” said Papa Bear.

The Mama Bear picked up a fragment of her favorite rocker. “Somebody’s been sitting in my chair.” She said.

“What is wrong with you?” said Baby Bear. “Can’t you see that all our furniture has been smashed to smithereens?”

Then the three Bears climbed through the new entrance to their bedroom.

“Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed.” Said the Papa Bear.

“Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed.” Said the Mama Bear.

“I don’t believe it!” shouted Baby Bear. “Can’t you see that there’s a huge dinosaur asleep in our bedroom!”

At this Goldi-Dinosaur woke up, and was so frightened that she crashed through the wall on the opposite side of the bedroom, ran down the lane and was never seen again.

As for the three Bears, they finally realized that it was time to cut their losses. They put what was left of their house up for sale and moved to a condo in San Diego.

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