Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Humor Contest: The Best Media Ecology Joke, Ever!

I don't know if anyone besides me is reading this blog. One way to find out is to hold a contest and offer fabulous prizes. Another way is to hold a contest and not offer fabulous prizes. I've decided on the latter. If it doesn't work, I may resort to the former.

So, submit the best Media Ecology joke you've ever heard, and you may not win a fabulous vacation for two, a fabulous car or a fabulous signed copy of Understanding Media.

I'll start it off:

Several students of Media Ecology consult a famous psychic in order to contact Marshall McLuhan and finally get a clear explanation of his writings. The seer goes into a trance, but says nothing for several minutes.

Losing patience, one of the students cries out, "Dr. McLuhan, are you there? Why won't you speak to us?"

A deep voice replies, "The Medium is the Message!"

Of course, as McLuhan noted, "Jokes are grievances." So come grieve with me. All entries become the possession of A Model Media Ecologist. All decisions are final.

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