Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My 15 Seconds of (Radio) Fame

(Updated Below)

I just heard on the radio the content of a call I made a few weeks ago to one of the talk show hosts on Air America Radio. They are now using it as part of a promo for the network:

Announcer: The following is an actual call to Air America Radio.

I think we liberals tend to celebrate and then say "OK. We're done.
Let's go back to our own private lives." I think we need to be wary of
conservatives, or radical conservatives, or fascists. The structures are still there for them to come back. And next time they come back they'll be smarter and they'll have taken into account the mistakes they made this time.

Announcer: All it takes is a telephone and the call is free. Talk to
all of America from anywhere in America on Air America Radio.

That was me. That was my voice. Is this my 15 seconds of fame?

UPDATE: I posted this announcement on a listserve I subscribe to and received the following comments:

Your quote fits nicely into what Aristotle in his Rhetoric described as the procedure for addressing a friendly address where everyone already agrees with the speaker--as there is no need to persuade, the goal is to deepen their commitment, move them from thought to behavior, spur them on to action, or in modern parlance, energize the base.

Of course. That was always my intention.

I just wonder if there really is any greater tendency for liberals to withdraw after achieving success than conservatives.

They didn't include in my on-air quote my learned discussion concerning conservative control of a consolidated media, or the big dollars supporting conservation think tanks, or the conservative gerrymandering of congressional districts. That is what I was referring to as the "structures" that are still there favoring a conservative comeback. I also regret that I wasn't able to mention the term "media ecology" in the time allotted.

There's probably a disclaimer somewhere (on a website) that makes your intellect their property when you choose to call in. Still, it would be nice if they told you before it goes on the air.

Next time I call in I'll make sure that I retain the intellectual property rights to anything I say.

BTW, I received a response from my cousin that this doesn't constitute my 15 seconds of fame, it is just a promo for my 15 seconds of fame to come.